All-new Renault Megane Sedan - Equipment & Accessories


comfort and convenience

enjoy the ride

Everything on board your Megane Sedan has been designed to offer you a personalised, user-friendly everyday experience.
Renault Megane Sedans 10.2" customisable driver's screen
10.2" customisable driver's screen
The innovative features on your 10.2" customisable driver’s screen help you manoeuvre your Megane Sedan with ease: GPS navigation, technology, driver-assistance systems, and more.
Renault Megane Panoramic Sunroof
panoramic sunroof
Let there be light! Choose from 3 opening positions to shed the perfect amount of light on your trips.
Renault Megane Electric Seats
electric seats
Enjoy even more comfort! Massage, modularity, adjustable positioning, and more. Easily adjust your seats to suit your needs.
Man Opening Automatic Boot
automatic boot opening
Do you have your hands full? Open the boot on your Megane Sedan simply by swiping your foot under the rear bumper.
Red Color Renault Megane
hands-free card
No more struggling to find your car keys! With the hands-free card, simply swipe the door of your Megane Sedan to unlock and start your vehicle.
Renault connect

travel connected

Add some excitement to your journeys, with access to your entire multimedia universe at your fingertips on board your vehicle.

Renault connect brings together all of the connected services offered by Renault and its partners. Find them on your multimedia system or smartphone via the MY Renault app. 

 With its large 9.3" central screen, the easy link connected touchscreen lets you to control the vehicle functions, multimedia, navigation, Google address search, telephony and driver-assistance systems. 

 Start enjoying Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ functions right away on easy link.
Renault easy drive

make your journeys easier

Sit back and enjoy the ride! Our driver-assistance systems help to simplify your manoeuvres and make your daily life easier.
Renault Megane Cruise Control & Speed Limiter
stop & go adaptive cruise control
Set your maximum speed using the steering wheel controls, which help you adjust your settings in a flash.
Renault Megane Easy Park Assist
easy park assist
Learn to love parallel parking! The system measures the space and defines the trajectory: let it take the wheel and park easily.
Renault Megane Heads-up Display
heads-up display
Never take your eyes off the road! Speed, navigation, driver assistance systems… Get all the information about your driving thanks to a high-definition, collapsible display above the dashboard. 

enjoy a relaxed drive

Keep one step ahead with our technologies designed to keep you protected throughout your journey.
Renault Megane Lane departure warning technology
lane departure warning
Above 70 km/h, the system warns you and corrects your trajectory if your vehicle is about to cross a line without prior use of the indicator.
active emergency braking system (AEBS)
active emergency braking system (AEBS)
Sudden sharp braking, a pedestrian crossing the road... the system monitors traffic and any hazards to alert you and can even carry out an emergency stop automatically.
Renault Megane blind spot warning
blind spot warning
When a vehicle is in the blind spot of your Megane Sedan, a warning light on each wing mirror alerts you.
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